Superfills Peri Peri Peanuts

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Superior quality hand picked peanuts from the fields in Sahurashtra are handpicked and sorted to ensure you receive only the best

Absolutely Crunchy Munchy

A delicious snack seasoned with peri peri seasoning, uniformly coating the peanuts , without skin ( blanched)

The seasoning is roasted in oil and the peanuts then tossed to uniformly coat with seasoning

Protien rich snack

Roasted mexican chipotle peanuts roasted to perfection make them a perfect combo for the perfect tasty crunch.

Made from the best quality peanuts, hygienically processed and packed in vaccum packed pouches under hygienic conditions to preserve the taste, flavors, aroma and freshness

Great to snack over tea, coffee and also good to serve at parties

Packing size :  360 gm.  2 packs of 180gm vaccum packed sealed pouches

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